Tuesday, June 20, 2017

No Kidding

I just reread William Goldman's classic The Season.  The book is his observations on Broadway during the 1967-68 season.  It's highly opinionated and still pertinent.  Plus it's enjoyable even if you haven't seen the original productions discussed, or don't even care that much about Broadway.

Certain things stick out today.  One thing that got to me was Goldman's attitude towards Hello, Dolly!, a 1964 blockbuster still playing when Goldman researched and wrote the book. This doesn't phase Goldman:

Just as our parents cannot explain the success of Abie's Irish Rose to us, I think we are going to struggle slightly to explain Dolly!'s success to our children.

Goldman is entitled to his opinion, and maybe he has a point.  Perhaps Dolly is more flash than substance.  But it's certainly held up, as evidenced by the four Tony Awards the Bette Midler revival just won.

Goldman's still around.  I wonder if he watched the Tonys, shaking his head. Or perhaps calling his kids to explain how the show isn't that great.


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