Friday, July 21, 2017

Throne For A Loss

This Sunday is the second episode of season 7 of Game Of Thrones.  We are definitely in the home stretch.  There are only 12 episodes left in the entire run of the show.

This means that characters previously thought untouchable can be killed off. In fact, that'll be a necessity for big moments the producers will want.

The question now is will any of the "big moments" come before this season, with six episodes left, is over.

Let's just look at the character who have been around since the first season:  Tyrion, Jaime, Cersei, Sansa, Arya, Bran, Jon Snow, Daenerys, Littlefinger, Jorah, Theon, The Hound, Varys, Samwell and Bronn.

For good measure, let's throw in some major characters we got in seasons 2 or 3:  Davos, Melisandre, Brienne, Gilly and Tormund.

Of these, certain seem to have strong enough destinies that I can't see them dying this season:  Tyrion, Cersei, Sansa, Jon Snow, Daenerys, The Hound and Davos.

The rest I can see buying it--any of them dying would be a big deal. Some almost as big as the death of Ned Stark (though, perhaps, not as shocking).

Jaime is second-in-command in King's Landing, but he has misgivings.  It'd be easy to imagine him dying when he doesn't know what to do, or even decides to redeem himself and fight against his own sister.

Arya is quite powerful now, perhaps too powerful.  And as an independent agent, she could die without disturbing the bigger fight.  Her death would really be a big deal.

Bran can see things, and has useful information.  But after he lets Jon Snow know who his real parents are, he doesn't necessarily have any function (though he might be pretty good at fighting the Night King).

I think Littlefinger, who's behind all the chaos, will likely last until the final season, but even though he's always been too smart to die, his luck could run out any day.

Jorah is already at death's door.  I imagine he'll see Dany before he dies, or who knows, maybe the maesters will cure him.  But he could bow out any moment.

Theon will likely last a while--he's been saved from death a number of times, so he probably has something important to do.  Though that thing may be sacrificing himself for Dany.

The Hound is having visions, so I imagine he'll be fighting the White Walkers eventually.  Also, I would think he'll be reunited with Arya.  So he's got a while, but not necessarily beyond this season.

Varys is a wild card, who could die today or last till the end.

Samwell has to get information to Jon, but after that, he could go any time.  Same for wife Gilly.

Bronn is the kind of guy who would stay out of a fight if there's no money involved, but events may conspire to force him into battle.

Davos will stick around for a while--he's the guy who gives good advice.  But there's no guarantee he'll last forever, so maybe at some point this season he'll say goodbye.

Melisandre has more to do--she has to find a hero and do some magic.  But we know she's vulnerable, and not loved by many, so this season may do her in.

Brienne is another highly popular character, but she doesn't have much to do in her arc but fight, and any fight may mean death.  (Though I expect she'll meet Jaime at least once more.)

Tormund is a fun guy, but he, like anyone else, could die fighting the White Walkers.


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