Monday, November 27, 2017

Dim Jim

I have to wonder if Michigan fans aren't losing their patience with Jim Harbaugh.  He took over three years ago, and while he's delivered winning records, he doesn't seem to be able to win the big games.

This season--when the players he recruited should be coming to the fore--he really fell apart on this front.  Okay, the team had to switch quarterbacks twice, but they had plenty of talent.  And yet, each time they had to face a tough team, they folded.

Often they'd be ahead a while and just couldn't hold on.  And so there was a loss to Michigan State (I am so tired of losing to the Spartans), Penn State and, ending the season, a loss to Wisconsin followed by a loss to Ohio State.

Perhaps you can't blame a coach for everything, but couldn't his team have pulled off one of these games?  If Harbaugh doesn't deliver soon, will there be a movement to oust him?


Blogger brian said...

Probably some will. I don't think he is doing badly except on a couple of fronts: discipline - too many penalties, and protecting the QB (o-line). I feel that high penalty rates are always the coach's fault. And the number of QB hits in which the qb was blindsided indicates a weaker O-line. We have recruited some top TEs and obviously some awesome defensive folks. Has he recruited the o-line as well as he should have?

9:44 AM, November 28, 2017  

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