Friday, May 18, 2018

In The News

Interesting story in the Globe today.   I am embarrassed not to have noticed this earlier.

Perhaps at a public meeting, someone should ask who Puffendorf was.

Sorry if you can't see the story (it works for some though) .  Its about the head of the Conservation Law Foundation in Boston, Brad Campbell, butting heads with developers and municipal officials in Boston development of the Seaport district


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Requires a sign-in. Perhaps you could enlighten us.

5:42 PM, May 18, 2018  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is a summary

The knives are out for CLF’s Bradley Campbell

Mayor Marty Walsh is fed up with the Conservation Law Foundation’s new president, Bradley Campbell, writing to the CLF board that he and has staff were recently treated with “disrespectful, contemptuous, and combative language” and that he resents Campbell’s suggestion that “my staff and I were not capable of negotiating appropriate outcomes for the people of Boston and that it was his job to do it,” reports the Globe’s Milton Valencia.
Walsh is not the only one complaining about Campbell, a New Jersey transplant. One top city official has even accused Campbell of “possibly unethical behavior,” for “allegedly advocating on behalf of a Boston developer,” reports Valencia. The CLF can dismiss such complaints all it wants, rationalizing it as a price that environmentalists often pay for defending the environment, etc. etc. But it’s never a good idea to needlessly anger a popular mayor and large swaths of the rest of Boston. The knives are definitely out for Campbell.

6:40 AM, May 21, 2018  

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