Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Fair and balanced

NPR's Don Gonyea and Jackie NOrtham have a nice ironic piece today. They're fact-checking the arguments over whether the Bush administration lied over Iraq. To their credit, they've had to recast it for the piece, into whether the argument was skewed in favor of war. The irony? THeir piece is skewed into the affirmative. Their method is to set up a pro-Bush point, and then implicitly knock it down. They do this about six times. Piece over.

THe most egregious lie NPR tells (why not get into the spirit?) is that there wasn't any connection between Iraq and al-Qaeda. Don, Jackie, meet Stephen. Maybe all that high intellect at NPR could address just the 40 documents that a real reporter uncovered, or maybe they could explain why it's okay for Saddam to offer rewards to Palestinian suicide bombers. And I'm sure they will someday, if Hillary decides to bomb the place, but right now they've got other priorities, dig?


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