Saturday, January 28, 2006

Didn't I Tell You?

As I predicted, Alito will get through with little problem. This is as it should be. I'm not saying he's the greatest choice, but he's highly qualified and he's the man Bush and the clear majority of the Senate want. Furthermore, his politics are certainly "mainstream," which prevents the Dems from pulling out the filibuster. (By the way, if he has much effect on the direction of the Court, in a decade or two, his judging may also be "mainstream." )

But the real point is I'm still not sure the Democrats should be fretting so much. This is not the apocalypse. Let's even assume Roberts and Alito are as conservative--when it counts--as Scalia and Thomas. Alito's replacing a fairly solid conservative, and the Court still has another conservative who can tip surprising ways.

No, it's when they pick another Alito-like candidate (there are still plenty of non-Miers choices, if Bush is up to it) to replace a Stevens or a Ginsburg--that's the apocalypse. And if the Democrats have any power at all (and, if it's after the 2006 elections, they might have plenty), then you'll see a true fight.


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