Monday, February 25, 2008


Whenever I read Parade magazine, the first thing I check out is Walter Scott's Personality Parade.

Here's some Q and A from the latest:

Someone asks who was the best Mama Rose ever, Ethel Merman or Angela Lansbury? WS answers neither--Bernadette Peters. I actually saw Peters do the role on Broadway, and she was fine, but really?

In discussing Fred Thompson leaving Law And Order, Scott writes: "We assume Thompson, 65, now regrets leaving the show on his quixotic quest for the Presidency." Dennis Kucinich, Ron Paul, Ralph Nader--that's quixotic. Fred's run was unsuccessful, but it wasn't ridiculous.

Finally, we get a question asking why hasn't Hurley lost weight (on Lost) when Tom Hanks in Cast Away became emaciated when stuck on an island. This is the kind of silly question I love, and so does Scott. His response is there's plenty of food on the Lost island. That's part of it, but the better point that he leaves out is that Hanks was stuck on his island for years while Hurley's been gone only about three months.

Meanwhile, over in the Calendar letters section, here's an interesting response to a piece on Dexter, the show about a serial killer. A Tanya Rutter of Manhattan Beach writes "Until the media takes a least some responsibility for the increasing violence in the country, we are lost as a nation."

Well, I suppose you can argue about how much responsibility the media should take for violence (increasing or not), but I'm surprised anyone claims our nation hinges on it.


Blogger New England Guy said...

The media takes responsibility for violence all the time- the networks love to advertise it non-stop. Haven't seen Dexter (the book was OK), but I have been stuck with basic cable for a large chunk of the last year and have found myself watching some of the metwork crime series- CSI's, Criminal Mind, etc.. and have to say there basically sanitized snuff films surrounded by technobabble. There is a dead or tortured (or both) pretty girl showing up all the time. I haven't watched random prime time TV for awhile so maybe I am out of the loop--How come the Christian or Womens or other groups who get offended and want censorship haven't raised a ruckus? Is it because the cops always win and sound sanctimonious about it? or is that no one who matters watches or cares about network crap anymore?

5:22 AM, February 25, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find this an interesting question. Do crime shows put pretty girls in peril because audiences fantasize about hurting pretty girls? Or is it because audiences actually care about pretty girls? Aren't these the opposite of each other? Isn't this the reason a missing person gets so much more news play when it is a pretty (white) girl? I consider myself a strong feminist (still rooting for Hillary!) and I don't really see these shows as anti-woman. (But maybe I'm naive.)

9:42 AM, February 25, 2008  
Blogger QueensGuy said...

Hurley continuing to appear rotund was addressed in an episode -- his line was something like "dude, I'm a big guy, so it's hard to see the difference. I've already tightened my belt two notches."

11:46 AM, February 26, 2008  

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