Monday, March 24, 2008

Q and A

New England Guy, you've been asked a question. Why don't you answer?


Blogger New England Guy said...

Pardons- I was spending an er.. uh... traditional Easter Weekend unplugged (not exciting- just hiking in the woods trying to sweat out my bile)

The line (which I think LA guy may have been the one to correct me) is from Queen's "Killer Queen" and was "well-versed in etiquette"

I won't look up the lyrics on because one of the other lines I think I hear is -is "godified in cheddar cheese" (right around when they sign "dynamite with a laser beam") and I have now heard that for over 30 years and it has surpassed in my imagination whatever the original lines were there.
I'll post this at the other post too

8:22 AM, March 24, 2008  

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