Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Look Back In Anger

Fine episode of Mad Men this week. But I wonder if it's going to follow the Lost pattern of flashbacks. The first season had a running backstory about Don which, actually, I thought was one of the weaker parts of the show, even if it had a nice payoff.

This season, and apparently later seasons as well, starts about a year and a half into the future. This naturally leads to a lot of plot developments, but also questions as to how we got here. This week's show gave a lot of information about what happened to Peggy during the interim--and answered questions people have been asking (and some they haven't been asking).

I think it can work, but it's an odd structure--each season starts in one place and we spend the rest of the episodes figuring how we got here. (Which sounds like Lost's season 4.)


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