Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Look Back, Will

The Hangover doesn't have any big names, and the premise (some guys in Vegas doing wild stuff) doesn't seem that imaginative. But the trade reviews have been spectacular. Is this shaping up to be the next Wedding Crashers?

That film featured Will Ferrell (and Bradley Cooper of The Hangover), whose big summer release, Land Of The Lost, is also opening this Friday. LOTL is expected to take the weekend, but if Hangover is as good as claimed, it may have the legs to be the bigger hit.

PS The Hangover people are working overtime. On Letterman, Conan and Kimmel, at the same time, there was an actor from The Hangover spreading the word.

PPS Word is spreading on both Hangover and LOTL, which means we might have a battle on our hands. Of course, Up probably has enough helium left to finish first.


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