Monday, June 28, 2010

Spectacular Speculation

I looked back at a post I put up in May with very few hours left in Lost. I'm trying to guess, very badly, what the altaworld will end up to be. However, I noticed this comment:

Sideways world can also be the afterlife, or purgatory, or whatever happens after the end of the world, where everyone has to try to work out their issues.

Well done, anonymous. Perhaps it wasn't "everyone," but you pretty much got it.


Anonymous Lawrence King said...

Here's my newest Lost-inconsistency gripe: When the MIB looked like Locke, how was he able to know all of Locke's history and memories, even up to his final thoughts when Ben killed him?

Locke's spirit had passed on to the Altaworld. His body was in a coffin. So why did MIB have his memories?

The answer can't be mind-reading. I think it's pretty clear that the MIB could not actually read minds, or else he wouldn't have been outwitted at the end.

1:19 PM, June 28, 2010  
Blogger LAGuy said...

I agree the consistency of MIB and Jacob's powers are tricky, though not impossible.

MIB has certain powers--Smokey is able to review people's pasts. There's plenty he knows about Locke because he studied him quite a bit. As far as knowing his final thoughts, Miles established that dead bodies carry information with them--in particular their final thoughts. Smokey was able to take Locke's final form once Ajira crashed, and I guess he carried with him at the very least his final thoughts.

4:19 PM, June 29, 2010  
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