Wednesday, August 25, 2010

No Sting

I've watched the first two episodes of Death Comes To Town, the eight-part miniseries from The Kids In The Hall.  Maybe it'll get better as it goes along, but so far it doesn't seem too special.  I don't think it's because the Kids are older, or that I've gotten used to them--I think the material just isn't as good.

I liked their sketch comedy show back in the 90s, and am a fan of their cult (i.e., flop) film Brain Candy.  However, this latest offering, a comeback of sorts, doesn't cut it. It feels like I've seen the jokes before, and this time around they're not as clever.  And the troupe isn't helped by the long form, since they're general better in short bursts, and I don't think anyone could take the story seriously anyway.


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