Sunday, August 22, 2010

That's Our Hitler!

I just picked up the latest copy of Changelinks, LA's progressive monthly.  The headline shouts "None Dare Call It Fascism." I don't have to read any further.  No matter what, plenty call it fascism.  Calling things you don't like fascism is the lifeblood of partisan politics these days.

Underneath, on the left, is an article by Ted Rall about (what else?) the Tea Party.  Here's a sample:

So: is it racist? Certainly a sizeable minority of Tea Partiers’ “take America back” rhetoric is motivated by thinly disguised resentment that a black guy is president. As for the remainder, their tacit tolerance of the intolerant speaks for itself. “Take America back” from whom? You know whom. It ain’t white CEOs. Yes. The Tea Party is racist.

Let me summarize:  "I have no evidence the Tea Party is racist, but since I assume they are, they must be."

Amazingly, when he tries to show the parallels between the Tea Party and fascism, he makes even less sense.  Even if Rall had his facts straight, it takes no talent to show "similarities" between any rising political movement and fascism if you're willing to get abstract enough.

I'd point out the irony of calling a movement that explicitly calls for smaller government "fascist," except that Rall defenders (they must exist, he's been around a long time) might say the Tea Partiers actually want far more power for the government than they're letting on.  And once you get this back and forth going, it might give people the impression we're having a serious argument.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow Ted Rall writes clearly enough to be a teabagger himself

9:44 AM, August 22, 2010  

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