Monday, December 20, 2010

What Do Actors Know?

The SAG nominations are out.  Nothing too surprising, or inspiring, but helpful in discovering which way the Oscars might go.

Surprising amount of love for Black Swan, seems to me.  Not too much for The Town Inception long forgotten.  Wonder how Julianne Moore is taking Annette Bening getting the nomination for The Kids Are All Right.  Wonder how Marky Mark feels about being left out of all The Fighter nods.

As for TV, they nominated Chris Colger for Glee, who plays one of the most annoying characters on TV.  And not Jim Parsons, who's a good kind of annoying.  Also, only Ty Burrell and Ed O'Neill from the men of Modern Family.  Interesting, since O'Neill was the one guy left out of the Emmys, while Eric Stonestreet won.  (I think they called it right.)

Sofia Vergara but not Julie Bowen from Modern Family makes it.  No room?  They could have cut Edie Falco.  Or Betty White.  Or Jane Lynch.  Or Tina Fey. Or Sofia Vergara.

For shows, did they really need Hot In Cleveland over, say, Community?  Or Boardwalk Empire over Breaking Bad?


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