Thursday, June 30, 2011

Birthday Party Down

Happy birthday, Lizzy Caplan.  She first came to the world's attention as a recurring character on Freaks And Geeks, and has since appeared in Mean Girls, Cloverfield and Hot Tub Time Machine.  But her greatest work was in the short-lived Starz sitcom Party Down.

She plays Casey Klein, a would-be comic who had an obvious chemistry with co-worker Henry Pollard (Adam Scott).  Both were cynical on the surface, covering up their disappointment with how their lives had turned out.  This makes the show sound like a downer, while it was anything but.

Brief clips can't tell you much (especially since the episodes were so well-plotted), but maybe a bit of Lizzy's character will come through.

PS They only made two seasons, twenty episodes altogether. You can buy the two seasons combined at for $44.99. If you'd rather, you can buy them separately for $17.49 and $25.49. I recommend you buy them separately.

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