Wednesday, November 07, 2012

I Was Born In A Crossfire Hurricane

Not too much to say about the election, since it turned out pretty much as expected.  Four years ago the people excitedly elected a new President who brought the promise of hope and change.  This time around he (and his programs) were much less popular, and the people essentially exhausted, but his timing was good, and it turns out there are enough bodies out their who'll automatically vote Democrat.

The House stayed in Republican hands, so there may be gridlock ahead.  The Senate is still firmly (if not filibuster-proofedly) in Democrat hands.  The Republicans will have to ask themselves about that. I understand how the base of both parties demands political purity, but how many more seats might the Repubs have won in the last two elections if they ran different, and generally more moderate, candidates?  (Though some would suggest more intelligent candidates.) We'll never know. Though we do know the base will always say, in either party, if we lost it's because we weren't conservative/liberal enough. (And add something like Look at Scott Brown--he was practically a Democrat and he lost.)

So it looks like the Republicans will have to play defense for a while.  They'll also have to pray that five Supreme Court justices stay healthy.  While they're doing that they'll have to figure out their future.  They should ask if things have changed for good, or if this is just another temporary setback--they've been written off before.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And the California ballot issues?

3:42 AM, November 07, 2012  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is Romney the last oldster candidate?

3:49 AM, November 07, 2012  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

With marijuana laws (largely) passing last night, Latinos abandoning the GOP and the finely phrased musings of Messrs Akin, Mourdock and company, it appears the Republicans have their own "Acid, Amnesty & Abortion" problem.

The Ghost of George M

6:10 AM, November 07, 2012  

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