Saturday, August 03, 2013

Mo' Motown

Motown: The Musical is doing pretty well. It's a natural in the age of jukebox musicals. Who doesn't enjoy Motown tunes?  They're certainly a lot better than the score of Dreamgirls.  The show doesn't even have to be good (and apparently isn't)--it's just one hit after another.

Watching the sample on the Tonys, I have a question.  This show looks like it's ready for a long run, so what happens to the kid who plays Michael Jackson*.  Once he starts growing up, is he kicked upstairs to Germaine?  If he's trouble do they threaten him with Tito?

*I suppose they had the same problem in Annie, except a girl's voice doesn't change (and neither, some would say, did Michael's).  But once Annie grows up, I guess she's up and out, maybe replaced by one of the orphans.  You can't even think of playing Miss Hannigan for another twenty years.


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