Friday, September 20, 2013

New Timeline

Syndication of Community has started on Comedy Central and elsewhere.  It's not uncommon after a sitcom has been on for four years and has enough episode to play five times a week.  Often it creates a kick in the ratings, as new fans catch on.  Look at The Big Bang Theory (often scheduled against Community), which is going gangbusters in syndication and is bigger than ever on CBS.

I doubt Community--which has a rabid fan base but one that never seems to grow--will see its ratings improve much. Anyway, the fifth (and probably final) season won't even begin for a few months, so there's nowhere for new fans to go.  Still, anything that spreads the word is a good thing.

PS  I also see Parks And Recreation is in syndication. It's the only other sitcom NBC picked up from last season, and could also use some ratings help.


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