Sunday, September 22, 2013

Watch For It

Tonight is the big night--another episode in the diminishing supply of Breaking Bad.  Oh yeah, it's also the Emmys, where perhaps Breaking Bad will finally win its first Best Drama statuette. (There's also Boardwalk Empire and a bunch of other Sunday shows that aren't a big deal but some seem to care about.)

So what will I watch?  Well, both of course.  But which first?

I guess the Emmys.  First, if I don't watch it as it airs, I'll probably see the winners on the internet (or just hear someone shouting it outside my window--this is Los Angeles, after all).

Any episode of Breaking Bad is a bigger deal, and no one wants to be too late finding out what's happening.  But I believe in saving the best for last.  And anyway after I watch the episode, anything would seem like an anticlimax.  I just hope I can avoid any spoilers when half the internet will be talking about it.

PS  I'm now hearing the Emmys will be broadcast live, which means they start at 5 pm here, so should be over before BB starts.  Never mind.


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