Friday, October 04, 2013

Final Word

I'm stealing a little time on someone else's computer to write this, but I still haven't been able to fix mine.  And the stock of old stuff only has a few days left.  Like the government, I'm in shutdown mode right now.  Hopefully there'll be some resolution before there's serious damage.

Anyway, Lost producer Damon Lindelof is making a bit of a stir with his piece in The Hollywood Reporter on the Breaking Bad finale. While Vince Gilligan is still being showered with praise for his ending, Lindelof is still getting grief for his.

It's fun to see Lindelof taking up the issue, which he would probably rather avoid.  As you'd expect, he's unapologetic--he write what he wanted to write, and likes the ending.  He admits, like Walter (Waaaaaalt!) White "I did it for me." (Though one of his complaints is fans think they were dead all the time, which I would hope is a small minority.)

This may be Lindelof's last work on the issue, but sorry, he still deserved the complaints.  I've written about my disappointment with not only the finale, but the final season, more than once, so I won't repeat it here.  It's just that the show was so wonderful in its first five seasons, and then lost so much of what was special in its sixth.  It's not a total disaster--there are still good moments--but it often goes in wrong or poor directions, and the sideways world was a mistake (that didn't need to be).

So Damon, please remember when you quote Walt's words to Skyler, remember Walt was admitting the truth, but he was also admitting why he'd done something so wrong.


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