Sunday, September 29, 2013

Coming To A Bad End

I'll be watching the Breaking Bad finale tonight, along with millions of others.  But I'll also know as I'm doing it that quite a few people are watching it outdoors on a huge screen with the BB cast at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, which is one mile from where I live.

The cemetery has regular screenings of classic Hollywood movies, and Breaking Bad features plenty of corpses, so it seems like a reasonable place to watch.  They'll actually start at 8 pm and show the pilot before getting to the finale.

The tickets sold out immediately, but maybe I can walk over just to watch everyone arriving.  That should give me enough time to get back. Best of all will be seeing Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul and a couple of lucky fans driving in on the meth-cooking RV.

PS  Perhaps you've seen this fun betting sheet for the finale--every major character is listed, from Walt to Lydia to Holly to the Vacuum Repair Guy--and you get to guess who lives and who dies, not to mention who kills 'em. The tiebreaker?  Who dies by ricin.

I'd make my guesses right now, but since we're going to find out the answer so soon, and since I'd be so far off, I'd just as soon wait.

Anyway, I'm off to the cemetery to see how things are going.  If I have the time tonight I'll discuss "Felina" but if not I'll certainly get around to it some time this week. (A bunch of shows premiere tonight, but if I get to them it might take me a while.)

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