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Kennedy And Heidi And Jane

May 31, 2009

Last week's episode of Breaking Bad, "Phoenix," may have been its saddest. Also it's most outrageous. We're a long way from the heartpounding danger and violence of the early season. Now it's the disaster of bad choices, which is a lot more personal.

The central relationship of the show has never been between Walt and his family, or Jesse and his parents. Certainly not Jesse and his junkie girlfriend, Jane. The heart of the show, planned or not, has been Walt and Jesse, the Odd Couple. Walt is smart, Jesse stupid. There was a time when Jesse at least seemed street smart, but he's lost even that. And while at first Walt seemed like a softie and Jesse the hardass, time and travails have revealed what they really are, and it's the opposite.

This should be a great time for them. After all they've been through, they finally made it. They're the big-time drug dealers they've worked to be. They got the big score. But Jesse's so screwed up on drugs now that any money he gets will only lead to disaster, and perhaps a trail that leads to Walt.

Walt, meanwhile, needs to share this side of his life with someone, and Jesse's the only one who understands. Walt got a new addition to his family this week, but felt like he lost a member when Jesse was high and working with his blackmailing girlfriend.
Poor Jane is dead, which was the saddest and ugliest thing the series has shown. Plenty of people have died, but this hit home. Sure, it's her fault for using, but she was off, and her relationship with Jesse brought her back. Speaking of which, Walt trying to reconnect with Jesse got her on her back, which made her choke on her vomit. And Walt just stood there, watching. He may think it gets him Jesse back, but it's hard to believe first-season Walt could have done it. This was more a Tony Soprano move (except he'd have helped her along).

It was sure looking like Jesse and Jane fit those two body bags, but it always seemed a bit too convenient. Guess we'll find out tonight who it really is.
PS Walt's family believes they need money, so his son started a website. It looked pretty convincing so I wondered if it was real. It is.

PPS The TV season is over, so this is the last new show I have to write about. Its ending this Sunday. What'll I do then?


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