Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Awards

Story Of The Year: Obamacare. Not just the disastrous website rollout, but the problems with the law so far.  For years the Democrats kept promising once it happened it would finally become popular, but, if anything, it's in more trouble than ever.  President Obama and the Democrats, after preferring the government be shut down than give in even slightly on the law, are falling over themselves to make concessions to stop the damage.

Non-Story Of The Year:  The new Pope.  He seems very popular, but is he really going to change anything?

To Be Continued Story: Benghazi.  Despite the best efforts of the White House, and so many in the press covering their ears and humming (see The New York Times investigation published a couple days ago), the scandal, including the cover-up, still seems to be news.

Biggest Story Just About Over:  Same-sex marriage.  Yeah, there are still plenty of pockets of resistance, but recall in 2008 the issue was too hot ro touch for even a Democrat seriously running for President.  The Dems, of course, have completely switched over, so the question is when will the Repubs come around.

Whatever Happened To...Award:  Is the Arab Spring over? If so, who won?  If not, what comes next?

Biggest Story That Sputtered Out:  Immigration reform. (Though they'll probably give it another go in 2014).

Stealth Story: For over a generation crime has been going down. Now, however, there are some indications it may be on an uptick. If this is an actual trend, it's disturbing.
Already Forgotten:  The Syrian Civil War.  100,000+ dead and counting, war crimes included, but no one in America really cares.

Return To Normalcy Award:  After a year of shutdowns and brinksmanship, the Ryan-Murray deal easily passes a Congress that seems tired of fighting.

Winner Of The Year:  The Republican party.  Not that they're so popular, but after 2012, with an easy win by President Obama, and losses in the Senate where they should have had easy pickups, it looked like a long four years ahead.  But now the public is so fed up with the Dems and Obamacare that the GOP seems to be in place to do quite well in 2014.  Of course, they've still got plenty of time to screw that up.  Runner-up:  Edward Snowden, hero to millions and still a free man.
Loser Of The Year: Barack Obama.  Came into 2013 like a lion, is going out like a lamb.

Top New PersonalityGlitch Girl

Most Obvious Hypocrisy Award:  The New York Times changes its stance--yet again--on the Senate filibuster.  For those keeping track: Clinton in--filibuster bad.  Bush in--filibuster necessary part of democracy.  Obama in--filibuster bad again.

Most Overhyped Story: The flap over statements made by the guy on Duck Dynasty.

Most Underhyped Story:  The IRS scandal. Seems to me huge, even historic, but the way it's being treated you'd think it's old news, or maybe even never happened (and is no longer happening).

Biggest Unforced Error: Harry Reid asks (or seems to) why would he want to help a kid with cancer. 

Most Controversial Figure: Ted Cruz becomes a symbol of everything that's wrong with conservatives, which is what his fans love about him.

Toughest Job In 2013: Sorry Jay, but it's White House Press Secretary.

Bitter Ender Award:  Nancy Pelosi.  They passed the bill so we could find what was in it, and what we found we didn't like. But things are great, and no one lied, according to the former Speaker:

Be Careful What You Wish For Award:  After a generation without one, New York City votes in a Democrat Mayor.

Biggest Celebrity Scandal:  Paula Deen. Not only has she been racially insensitive in fairly imaginative ways, but she described how in some detail in a deposition.
Most Dangerous New HireThe View brings in anti-vaccination spokesperson Jenny McCarthy.

Worst New Trend (if it is a trend):  Knockout.

People Are Weird Award:  Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has a fan club.


Blogger ColumbusGuy said...

Gosh, Dana Millbank didn't even mention the IRS. And he put Benghazi in scare quotes.


3:32 AM, December 31, 2013  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Benghazi is a punchline. Its a reverse-Dan Rather (a state where, in the process of pointing out something bad by someone else, making your self look much worse)

Lots of wishful thinking awards this year. Could be connected to the low correction % on the predictions

6:17 AM, December 31, 2013  
Blogger ColumbusGuy said...

Wouldn't that be a forward Dan Rather? Oh, wait, is that you Anonymous?

8:03 AM, December 31, 2013  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are three parts to the Benghazi scandal. I wish Anonymous would point out which part he doesn't believe so he can be refuted.

9:10 AM, December 31, 2013  
Blogger ColumbusGuy said...

Is that necessary? He doesn't believe any part that makes any Democrat look bad.

And I'm a little suspicious of this parts stuff. Turns out it's hard to draw that kind of boundary.

10:36 AM, December 31, 2013  

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