Tuesday, December 03, 2013

If 5 Was 8

I was watching a recent episode of Parks And Recreation, "Filibuster." As you might expect, it's about Leslie filibustering.  She wants to ensure Eagletonians, whom she incorporated into Pawnee, are allowed to vote--even if it means she'll be recalled.  As usual, her nemesis is council member Jeremy Jamm (played by an old acquaintance, Jon Glaser).  He makes sure she follows all the filibuster rules--she can't sit down or stop talking or get help, etc.

So far, so good.  She starts talking about whatever comes to her mind.  This includes voting rights.  She invokes the Voting Rights Act of 1965.  Now perhaps she was swallowing her words a bit at this point, but the closed captioning--which I had on while watching--reported this as the "Voting Rights Act Of 1968."

I suppose it's not the job of CC typists to have a complete understanding of American history, but this was a pretty big moment.  Was the typist so sure of what Leslie said that there wasn't even an attempt look up the proper year?  You start typing "voting rights act" into Google and you'll be shocked how quickly 1965 comes up.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

C'mon, it was a Metajoke. No reason why the hearing impaired shouldn't get a little extra humor.

8:12 AM, December 03, 2013  

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