Saturday, January 04, 2014

Baby Its Cold Outside or, Remembrance of Polar Vortexes Past

Its apparently going to get very very cold all over the Midwest this weekend.    Apparently its been stated as the largest coldest artic weather mass in the US since the famed weather blast of January 1985.

As I recall, on the coldest night in Chicago during that event- something like minus 28 / minus 80 windchill they said at the time- me along with I think one or two of the other Guys ventured out across town on the promise of free Chinese food. (I had until that time gone to school in a relatively rural non-ethnically diverse area, so cashew chicken was still an amazing new taste for me)   As I recall we tried jumping three separate cars before we could find one that would start and, I seem to recall, half of my upper lip stayed frozen until the spring (or felt like it) because I forgot the chapstick.
Did I mention the food was free?


Blogger LAGuy said...

I had an old car then, and I would remove the battery and keep it in my room every night.

1:51 PM, January 04, 2014  
Blogger ColumbusGuy said...

Sure, cause that was the most valuable part of the car and it wouldn't be there in the morning if you didn't.

Just ice

3:33 PM, January 04, 2014  

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