Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Not clear on the concept

I love Professor Epstein (and his abbreviated version of the Constitution, in its entirety following the introduction: "nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation"), but what does he think he gains by saying this?

"The President needs to recognize that the first order of business is growth, not transfer payments.

There is a fair chance the president will obtain amnesty this year, unless something penetrates Boehner's impenetrable skull.

That and Obamacare are enough to make him about the most successful leftist president in history. And that's not even counting the most important independent agency ever, CFPB.

What, exactly, does Professor Epstein think the president should do here, other than change his entire worldview? If we're talking about free markets, a free country, widespread prosperity, constitutional representative government, okay, that's one thing (well, maybe one constellation), but it's got nothing to do with Obama's policies. Rather, he should be addressing any institutions that are opposed to giving these things up, not those institutions that are successfully oiling up the handbasket.

I admit, it's a bit hard to find them. Who would he start with? The press? The Republicans? The universities? So I acknowledge his difficulty. But it undercuts his credibility to address his plea to the president. The president is doing just fine; like Willie Sutton, he knows what  his goals are.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm trying really really hard to understand this.

Epstein's a kook. I get it.

Obama's is a "leftist" (whatever that means), I get it.

After that...

10:06 AM, January 29, 2014  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oiling up the handbasket? What a bizarre mixed metaphor.

10:28 AM, January 29, 2014  

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