Friday, March 07, 2014

Fishy Deal

It's that time of year. Around Easter, McDonald's starts selling the Filet-O-Fish sandwich at half price or less on Fridays.  I don't know if Catholics still follow those Friday rules any more, but McDonald's does.

I've always wondered about this kind of deal. How does it affect sales overall?  Certainly there must be a spike on Friday--if you're into the Filet-O-Fish how can you resist?  But doesn't this also mean if you're an average customer who might or might not buy the fish sandwich, that you'd think twice about purchasing it any other day of the week?  "I feel like the Filet-O-Fish meal on this Wednesday but I also feel like I'm cheating myself for not buying it on Friday."

I suppose McDonald's knows what it's doing. Still, if it's such a good idea, why not offer it all year round?

PS  Always wanted to make your own Filet-O-Fish?  Here's the recipe.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its just political correctness but since it supports a different kind of viewpoint, it doesn't get called that

4:00 AM, March 07, 2014  
Anonymous Lawrence King said...

The rules for fasting are generally up to the national bishops, not the Vatican, but in the past century most countries (and all English-speaking countries, AFAIK) had the same pattern.

Before Vatican II, Catholics were expected to not eat meat on Fridays (with a few minor exceptions). After Vatican II, the rule only applied to Fridays in Lent -- that is, the seven Fridays prior to Easter.

Technically, the bishops said that avoiding meat on other Fridays was "encouraged", but most Catholics didn't get that memo.

When I was a kid, the public school still served fish sticks or cheese pizza on Fridays, even though Catholics were probably less than 20% of the school.

5:32 AM, March 07, 2014  
Anonymous Lawrence King said...

I don't remember when the McDonald's deal started, but I remember some individual McDonaldses doing it in the late 1990s, with handwritten signs.

When I was a senior in high school, we'd walk over to McDonalds at lunch time. I remember Fridays when all of us ordered Filet-O-Fish and the employees found it bewildering.

5:34 AM, March 07, 2014  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now get rid of that cheese so Jews can eat it too.

9:41 AM, March 07, 2014  
Blogger ColumbusGuy said...

I'm not sure that's an authorized site.

3:28 PM, March 07, 2014  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The filet o fish was actually created for this reason. Years ago, in certain Catholic neighborhoods, business went way down on Fridays. So McDonald's decided they needed a non-meat sandwich. Ray Kroc wanted a Hula Burger, which was a grilled pineapple with a slice of cheese, but the public preferred the fish sandwich. McDonald's figured out how to make it without smelling up their restaurants and a classic was created.

3:57 PM, March 07, 2014  

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