Saturday, March 29, 2014

My Way Or Conway

I recently sampled two comedians' autobiographies, Still Foolin' Em by Billy Crystal and What's So Funny? by Tim Conway.  I've enjoyed the work of both Crystal and Conway, but it's not like I'm a huge fan of either.  Still, the books were both there in the library, so I skimmed them.

I didn't go in deep enough to review them, but I think I can contrast them. Crystal's look back (he just turned 65)--in the parts I read anyway--punch up the story with plenty of one-liners. In fact, it can get relentless. I'm not saying the lines are bad--some are quite funny and they're all professionaly composed, but while being jokey may work well on a panel, does it play in the long haul?

Meanwhile, Conway, though he's trying to be funny too, let's the story breathe a bit more.  Most of the humor comes from the tales themselves, not snappy lines he adds on top of them.

Both styles can work, but if I'm actually interested in the subject, I think I'd prefer the Conway approach in a book.


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