Saturday, April 19, 2014

Ambassador Stone

Oliver Stone doesn't like international co-productions, based on remarks from a seminar at the Beijing International Film Festival.

Most international co-productions are bullshit. They often don’t work. Money is the dictator.  'Iron Man’? ‘Transformers’? Is it really a Chinese experience?

Chinese actors when they try and act in English, it doesn’t have the same meaning. Words are important. I hope you never bastardize yourselves to become American.

Stone's politics in general are so horrendous that it's a bit silly to cavil at this. Yet this is a great example of the condescending bigotry of so many multiculturalists.  They jet around, enjoying the best every culture has to offer, but tell the people there to stay in their little corner of the world and not mix with others, lest they lose their purity.  (Or I could be reading him wrong.  Perhaps this simply stems from a crazed hatred of America.)

Meanwhile, let's all enjoy a mini-Stone film festival this weekend, with such title as Salvador, South Of The Border, Castro In Winter and so many others where he mixes with other cultures and proves how he can come into another land and explain what's going on.


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