Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A master of the form

Mrs. Bill Clinton was interviewed on NPR today, and it was a notable interview. I recommend it for anyone who supports her, opposes her, who is interested in NPR's failings and methods, or who wants insight into how the press generally covers Clinton and Obama and Republicans (I await the day when the Democrat party is fronted by someone not a Clinton or Obama--which is coming soon, I think).

Clinton is as slick as you would want her to be, and it ends with a big served up softball, "what was your major accomplishment as Secretary of State?"

Interestingly, when NPR wrote up its web site overview, that's the item they lead with. Here's the salient portion: "Because of the eight years that preceded us — it was the economic collapse, it was two wars, it was the war on terror that led to some very unfortunate, un-American actions being taken."

*Love* it. Un-American, indeed. It captures the Clintons perfectly. Personally, I think she should change her name, to something like Hillary el-Abu Ghraib. (She's done it before, Anonymous. Pre-election Hillary Clinton became post-election Hillary Rodham Clinton.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you being unclear or is Clinton? When she was asked about her major accomplishment as SOS did she say "gee, the previous 8 years were awful"?

10:26 AM, June 10, 2014  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Are you being unclear "

That's a given.

11:21 AM, June 10, 2014  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And why would she rename herself over the other side's war crimes? Maybe you meant Hillary Benghazi? (Take time to froth). Or Hillary Whitewater?

11:24 AM, June 10, 2014  
Blogger ColumbusGuy said...

A1: Yes. If that surprises you apparently you don't know Clinton. It's her entire argument. The whole interview could (and should) boil down to that sentence. Bush. Dole Gingrich. Whatever. Just don't ask about her record.

A2: Good to hear from you!

A3: Ah, delish. I expect to see you chairing the HUAC, focusing exclusively on Republicans and the Tea Party. (I think we need a phrase,"War crimes of the mind.")

4:59 PM, June 10, 2014  
Anonymous Denver Guy said...

I turned off the interview when the NPR interviewer let her completely not answer the question "Will Benghazi be an issue in the 2016 campaign if you choose to run?"

1:16 PM, June 11, 2014  

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