Thursday, June 12, 2014

Ethics in jouralism

This piece is pretty funny:

"Our job is to get it right. When we fail, we should be held accountable. What is worse, if it’s true, is the suggestion that the Cantor poll was leaked in order to sabotage the other side by suggesting that the majority leader’s lead was insurmountable. In this case, not only was the poll inaccurate, the tactic was inept. It may have created momentum for the other side rather than crushing it, and lends legitimacy to the public skepticism aimed at our craft of late."

Who is Luntz trying to kid? The industry is much more about push polling than actual polling. It's all about creating message, rather than knowing the terrain.

(Wonder what 538 had to say about this, beforehand. Not even Mickey was full throated about it, as far as I could see.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's funny, but not for the reason you say. They makes hundreds and hundreds of mistakes, and here's a rare case where no one made a mistake, but got it wrong, and he decides to choose this moment for a mea culpa. Of course, Luntz has always been a big joke. (He's the guy who claimed the most important thing above all for the public is for politicians not to lie to us. I hope he's lying, because I can't believe he could be that stupid.)

8:37 AM, June 12, 2014  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The title is a nonsequitur

1:06 PM, June 12, 2014  
Blogger ColumbusGuy said...

That would be a pretty good book title on political topics: "I Hope He's Lying."

10:04 PM, June 12, 2014  

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