Saturday, August 09, 2014

Why not?

Interesting that there is a debate about the president's authority to pardon illegal immigrants en masse. Why not? The constitutional structure is complex and requires a certain amount of good faith, which quite obviously has been long lost, but that's not the point. It would be quite a judicial doctrine to essentially take the power away. It could happen, of course, anything could happen, but this one seems unlikely.

The more interesting question is what the political consequence would be. I find it a little hard to believe he would do it before this election; that just seems like it makes the anti-Americanism just a notch too explicit and creates too much backlash. You do it for Christmas, I'd say. (Although of course you can't say it's for Christmas.) If not then, then you do it Jan. 15, 2017. But you'd think it would have beneficial effect for Democrats to do it at the beginning of that election cycle, not after it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy 40th Anniversary of the precipitant of the most famous/infamous Presidential pardon. The other notorious actions for Marc Rich and the kisses for Cap and Scooter are far behind.

I don't see a big pardon for immigrants coming except maybe at the end of a string of other actions addressing the issue- which absent an attack of reason in November, aint gonna happen

2:13 PM, August 09, 2014  
Blogger ColumbusGuy said...

Goodness, Anonymous, you suffered your own attack of reason. Good for you.

(Although you are clearly discounting Obama's aggressiveness on his issues. Why he should ever wait for a series of steps--say, first step, how about enforcing that border so 80 percent of the country doesn't have to just presume you are lying again?--is not in his history or character.)

5:30 PM, August 09, 2014  

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