Sunday, September 14, 2014

Who's The Best?

The New Yorker's TV critic Emily Nussbaum looks at FX's two new sitcoms, You're The Worst and Married, and agrees with me (see, it can happen): the former is pretty good, while the latter is disappointing, especially with the whiny husband at the center.

Before their debuts, based on the casts and premises, I would have guessed the opposite.  But Chris Geere and Aya Cash, as the awful couple at the center of You're The Worst, are very charming and resourceful actors with a surprising amount of chemistry.  You never know.  I've already given up on Married (which FX had more confidence in, since it gave it the better slot) but still check out You're The Worst.

I'm less enamored with the leads' best friends/sounding boards, which brings me to my biggest disagreement with Nussbaum:

[The lead male's closest friend is] Edgar Quintero (Desmon Borges), an eccentric veteran with P.T.S.D. [...T]he show is daring enough to tease both his tendency to tell horrific war stories and the V.A.’s shoddy treatment of veterans.

Why would Nussbaum believe this is even slightly daring?


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