Sunday, November 09, 2014

A Number's Game

I recently downloaded a chess program. I'm not really much of a player. For one thing, to be halfway good--which I'm not--you've got to know hundreds of opening moves to avoid falling into basic traps.  I'm the type of player who leaves pieces unprotected.  I'm the type of player who keeps going ahead with my plan rather than countering the moves of my opponent. I'm the type of player who barely notices when a major piece is under attack.

Anyway, this program has 12 levels of play, so I decided to play at the highest level to see how I'd do. It took me apart.  The slightest slip--even though I didn't know it was a slip--and it destroyed me.  So I took it down to 11.  Still killed me.  Then 10, then 9.  No chance.  I try 8, then 7, then 6.  I still lose.  Just how bad am I?

At 5 I'm losing but there's hope. The computer doesn't see that far ahead and if I don't make any obvious blunder, sometimes it'll make pointless moves I can take advantage of.  Then at 4 it's great. (for me)  I'll put the opponent's piece under attack and half the time it doesn't care.  I almost feel sorry for it.

Now that I can win, I guess the question is should I stay in my comfort zone, or should I try to climb the ladder.  Think I'll spend a little more time lording it over the dumb computer before I decide.


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