Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Comme ci, comme ca

Palestine applies for membership in the International Criminal Court

Seems to fit.

Just how important is Magna Carta 800 years on?

Let's ask Richard Dreyfuss.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And the question is: What would a blog written by monkeys at a typewriter look like?

9:09 AM, January 14, 2015  
Anonymous Lawrence King said...

Perhaps the Magna Carta's importance has been exaggerated in British schools for centuries, but this article errs in the opposite direction.

When William the Conqueror took over, he proclaimed himself not merely sovereign but actually owner of all the people in England. 150 years later, King John was forced to sign the Magna Carta which, among other things, promises that justice will not be "sold, denied, or delayed" to any person.

Throughout Europe, a (reasonably) fair judiciary system became a staple of civic society long before democracy took hold. Without equitable courts, there is no rule-by-law, and so it doesn't make any difference who writes the laws. Perhaps our error in Iraq was trying to impose democracy on a nation that hadn't built up a tradition of rule-by-law?

1:42 PM, January 14, 2015  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think our mistake in Iraq is we didn't try to impose democracy, or "rule-by-law" for that matter.

1:47 PM, January 14, 2015  
Blogger ColumbusGuy said...

I'll see you one British schools overemphasizing the Magna Carta, and raise you one American schools overemphasizing Marbury.

4:54 PM, January 14, 2015  

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