Thursday, January 15, 2015

This way madness lies

NPR's Morning Edition segment immediately before the hour today is a hoot. It's a thumbsucker, recursively examining press coverage. Two journalists interviewing each other (my absolute favorite way of advancing the state of knowledge--they're too lazy even to find a pseudo expert).

They note something odd: On Monday, the stock market goes down, and they reported it was because of the low price of oil. On Wednesday, the stock market went up, and they reported it was the low price of oil.

They were within an inch of declaring 90 percent of their business model useless, but fortunately the music came up, the segment ended, and the main guy adopted his laughing smiling voice and it was top of the hour, time for the news.

Really, it's a classic. It ought to be required listening in essentially every subject above about fourth grade.


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