Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Cold Play

It's been cold and rainy the last few days in Hollywood (though I heard it never rains in Southern California, especially on the Oscars).  But I'll take that over good old Ann Arbor, where the weather was minus 7 yesterday.

I grew up in Detroit, and attended college in Ann Arbor, so I remember some cold days.  I specifically recall days when I had an early lab, and while walking over the bridge toward central campus having the wind whip through my body.  I'd think "this lab is only one credit--is this trip really necessary?"

I don't recall paying much attention to the specific temperatures, but I doubt it was ever minus 7 when I was in college.  Still, I do remember it being so cold that your snot would freeze when you breathed in.  That's a more important threshold than 0 or 32 degrees.

I've been living in Southern California for quite a while now. When I first moved here the lack of seasons seemed weird--I didn't even like it at first.  Alas, I have become a weather wimp, and I'm not sure if I could take those long winters.  I start to feel feel unsettled if I have to wear my sweater a few days in a row.

So for you folks still there in Ann Arbor and the like, here's to you.  Perhaps some day you'll feel nostalgia for the Great Freeze of '15.


Anonymous Denver Guy said...

I recall three law students freezing solid while crossing the Midway in Chicago one winter.

I also actually remember having a flight lay over in Minneapolis one winter and upon learning it was negative 20 something outside without wind chill. I decided I wanted to just experience this, so I left the airport and stood outside for about a minute. Not only did the inside of my nose freeze, my tounge started to freeze if I stuck it out, and I could feel my cheeks losing sensation after just a few seconds.

I like Colorado, which has seasons - often 6 or 7 a year, as winter seesaws back and forth between 20 degrees and 70 degrees for months (October to March)

10:50 AM, February 24, 2015  
Blogger ColumbusGuy said...

On ColumbusGal's 40th birthday we wanted to see the Northern Lights, so we drove to Chisasibi in the middle of winter. The trip of a lifetime. 72 hours of driving about 3,000 miles round trip. So cold we never turned the car off for fear it would not start. (Mapquest won't show it, though it does show a dozen or so sponsored links that you can't find on its maps. Google maps will show it.) Where James Bay meets Hudson Bay, or anyway close, as close as you're going to get without an airplane.

2:46 PM, February 24, 2015  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

January 1985 it was minus 27 degrees in Chicago with a wind chill of minus 80 or so.

This did not stop us from jump starting (or attempting to) to drive across town for free Chinese food


4:02 AM, February 25, 2015  
Blogger LAGuy said...

I remember that trip. I also remember having an old car back then, and every night I would remove the battery and keep it in my room so it would start in the morning when I reattached it.

9:05 AM, February 25, 2015  

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