Saturday, April 04, 2015

This Night Is Different

I hope everyone is enjoying this holiday weekend. When I was a kid my favorite Jewish holiday was Passover.  Most of my relatives lived in Canada, so we'd drive up to Montreal and have a big Seder.  In all those years, though, I don't think I ever found the Afikomen.

One thing I've noticed in recent Seders--the Haggadah has gone soft.  Particularly regarding the Four Sons.  Here's the section on the Wicked Son from the old days:

The wicked one, what does he say? "What is this service to you?!" He says `to you,' but not to him! By thus excluding himself from the community he has denied that which is fundamental. You, therefore, blunt his teeth and say to him: "It is because of this that the L-rd did for me when I left Egypt"; `for me' - but not for him! If he had been there, he would not have been redeemed!"

Lately, though (sorry, no link), the response is a lot softer, trying to bring the son back into the community.  I don't even think he's called wicked any more. What is this?  Let's not forget Pesach is about the bitter along with the sweet.


Blogger ColumbusGuy said...

"LAGuy" . . . doesn't sound Jewish.

4:25 AM, April 04, 2015  
Blogger New England Guy said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

5:23 AM, April 04, 2015  
Blogger New England Guy said...

sorry-Meant to link this in prior comment

5:27 AM, April 04, 2015  
Blogger New England Guy said...

One more time without the autocorrect typos

As the token goy at the last 20+ years of my wife's family's Passovers , I've always found the wicked child to be the most sympathetic character

5:41 AM, April 04, 2015  
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