Saturday, June 06, 2015


Season 6 of Community, available on Yahoo!, has now put out all 13 episodes.  They were quite entertaining, even if the show has morphed from seven students trying to get through Greendale community college to eight characters (with only four of the originals) in an ongoing effort to help Gerendale. As this was happening, a local channel has been replaying all episodes of the first four seasons.  This amounts to 84 episodes, and I believe I've seen each one several times by now.

This leads me to an important question--what happened to Season 5?  It was broadcast on NBC in early 2014, but since then, unless I buy the DVD, there seems to be no way to watch it.

Season 5 is arguably the last season that features Community as we know and love it.  Season 4 was missing Dan Harmon and season 6 is missing three of the original Greendale Seven.  But season 5 brought back Harmon while keeping six of the central seven.  Though I only saw the shows once, quite a few things made an impression--Troy's exit, black markets in text books, a return of Dungeons and Dragons, the Payday Rap, "G. I. Jeff" and MeowMeowBeenz.

Why don't these episodes become part of the regular rotation. They were on NBC, shouldn't they be part of the syndication package by now?  They'll make for 97 episodes overall, close to the 100 that's normally good for syndication.


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