Thursday, July 23, 2015

Bet he can't find his azimuth with both of Doug Preisse's hands

"The Sun Is Going To Rise To The Zenith In America Again"

Good lord. Is his five minutes of fame over yet? What's next? "A Time for Inscribing Elliptical Orbits"?


"Paraphrasing both Jesus Christ and Ronald Reagan . . ." [Who's the biggest moron, the reporter, the editor or Kasich?]

"Kasich gives somewhat meandering speech (no script per an aide) Themes include: Sun rising. Big ideas change the world. 2 black guys love me." [I thought the black guys referred to Montel Williams and Frank Jackson, but it turns out it was two guys at Wendy's. Hope he confirmed how they identified and didn't profile them.]

"Kasich speaks for 43 mins. Longer than expected. [Indeed.] Meandering speech without notes. [Indeed.] Final song? U2 Beautiful Day" [No Death or Glory?]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who told you he ever had five minutes of fame?

8:33 AM, July 23, 2015  

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