Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Everything's Archie

Archie Andrews made his first appearance in comics in 1941.  He was based on the popular Andy Hardy--if Mickey Rooney could make money for MGM, a nice, normal teenager could make money for comic book publishers.

For decades, Archie, along with Betty, Veronica, Jughead and the rest of the gang were hanging out at the malt shop, worrying about dates, driving jalopies, showing school spirit, etc.  In recent years, trying to keep up with the times, the comic has added a gay character, dealt with death, and even added zombies to the mix.

But now they're going even further.  The Riverdale gang will meet the Ramones. (Which sounds like it could be another zombie story.)  Back when the Ramones were just starting out, such an encounter would have been unthinkable.  In fact, commercial radio wouldn't play them in the 70s, when they were doing their best work.  So it's good to see the Ramones have lasted long enough to be hanging out with Typical American Teenagers. That's the way it is--what was scary a few decades ago is now nostalgia.

I want to know--are they going to collaborate?  And will they perform songs by the Ramones, or by the Archies?  From the cover, it looks like they're doing "Blitzkrieg Bop," but let's not forget, the Ramones never had a top forty hit, while the Archies had four--including a #1.  And they've been around longer.  Seems to me the Ramones could learn a thing or two.

PS  It's called Archie Meets Ramones.  No "the."  I don't suppose there's any chance it's a nod to Andy Hardy Meets Debutante.


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