Saturday, August 01, 2015

They Accepted It

I didn't much watch the original Mission: Impossible TV show, but I think the movie series is pretty good. (Though Tom Cruise ends up doing everything--so much for the ensemble idea.) But the one thing I loved about the show was the theme song.  Composed by the great Lalo Schifrin, it was originally just meant as part of the show's background score, but was so good they put it right up front.

One thing that really catches the ear is the 5/4 time signature.  Which I why I, like so many other fans of the theme, was outraged when U2, being jerky rock and roll musicians, changed the tune to everyday 4/4, taking away the excitement.

So it's good to report in the latest M:I film, Rogue Nation, the opening theme sticks to 5/4.  Don't mess with a classic.


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