Saturday, October 17, 2015

Art or He Didn't Put A Bolt To A Nut, He Didn't Tell You The Law Or Give You Medicine

Today is the centennial of Arthur Miller, perhaps America's best known playwright, and graduate of the University of Michigan.  (Some call him the American Ibsen, but I don't know if I'd go that far.)

He was a playwright back in the days when that meant Broadway.  His first success there was All My Sons, which can still hold a stage.  Next came Death Of A Salesman, his most famous work, and as powerful as it ever was.  He followed that with The Crucible, almost as well known and popular as Death Of A Salesman. He followed those with works of varying quality, many of which you could still make a case for, including A View From The Bridge, After The Fall and The Price.

Though he generally writes about America subjects, his stuff is performed around the world, because, at his best, he gets to the heart of the human condition.

He also wrote some fiction, some essays and some screenplays, but it's his plays for which he'll be remembered.


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and he plugged Marilyn Monroe

9:03 AM, October 17, 2015  

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