Tuesday, October 20, 2015

It Was Here Just A Second Ago

I was watching this week's The Leftovers and what should I hear but "Where Is My Mind?," a tune originally recorded by The Pixies.  I knew I'd heard it elsewhere recently.  Oh yeah, in an episode of Mr. Robot (almost too on the nose there).

Turns out it's been heard in over 10 movies or TV shows. It's amazingly evocative.  Of course, what it evokes in most people is the ending of Fight Club, one of the first to use it.

However, The Leftovers and Mr. Robot used a piano instrumental, which is even spookier since it takes you a little to recognize the tune.

If this keeps up, the song is going to be bigger than "Here Comes Your Man," "This Monkey's Gone To Heaven" and "Debaser" combined.


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