Thursday, October 29, 2015

The name of the bird sucked into the jet's engine was Harold Meeker

I wonder what the Louisiana  papers write about? "Our Bobby is wicked smart; why does no one love him?"
As for the rest of the country, the only K sound they hear is Carson and Cruz. I don't see Ben making it through, but Cruz missiles get the job done.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The war with CNBC. When will the victimization of these angry people cease?

4:00 AM, October 29, 2015  
Anonymous Denver Guy said...

A friend of mine was in last night's audience. He said Kasich did not come off well. For one thing, he would leave his podium when someone else was asked a question and just sort of wander around the stage, looking at the ground. It may be that he thinks or listens better when he's pacing, but apparently it looked odd to the folks in the audience.

11:25 AM, October 29, 2015  
Blogger ColumbusGuy said...

Have I told you the joke local politicos tell about Kasich? A leader, like a quarterback, says, "C'mon guys, hit your blocks, execute your plays, and we'll put that ball into the end zone!"

Kasich says, "If you assholes would get out of my way I could score."

2:37 PM, October 29, 2015  

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