Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Judy Judy Judy

Judy Greer isn't famous and she knows it. But she's been in hundreds of movies and TV shows, and has quite a few fans who love her, even if she's the kind of celebrity who can go shopping without being mobbed. Of course, some come up to her and ask "what do I know you from?"  Hence, her memoir, I Don't Know What You Know Me From: My Life As A Co-Star.

It tells of a girl from Detroit, without any particular dreams of stardom, who grew up in an eccentric family.  She later moved to Chicago, and then to LA and semi-fame. (Hey, I went from Detroit to Chicago to LA, too.)

A good portion of her book is about her early years.  Once she gets to the show biz section, the story is less organized.  She talks about this movie or that premiere or meeting with one celebrity or another, all in a haphazard fashion. It's charming, but far from comprehensive.  The last portion of the book is mostly about her personal life today, with her dog, her husband, her step-kids and so on.  It's not bad, but not as interesting as what went on before.

I've been a fan of Greer for years, at least since I saw her in a small part as a waitress in Adaptation (2002).  Since then she's been in so many roles--usually comic ones--that I can hardly keep track.  Everyone who knows her name, or her face, knows she's talented.  She also beautiful, even if Hollywood considers it the kind of beauty that's relegated to best friend roles.

So if we ever meet, we'll have plenty to talk about, and I will know where I know her from.


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