Monday, February 15, 2016


By now you've probably heard about the Ted Cruz ad "Conservatives Anonymous."

It's well shot, if a little silly.  Then again, most attack ads are silly.

But the reason it's gotten so much attention is not the ad itself, but the story behind it.  Turns out one of the actresses, Amy Lindsay--the one who warns against voting for a "pretty face"--has done softcore porn.

"The actress responded to an open casting call," Cruz communications director Rick Tyler told POLITICO in a statement. "She passed her audition and got the job. Unfortunately, she was not vetted by the casting company. Had the campaign known of her full filmography, we obviously would not have let her appear in the ad. The campaign is taking the ad down and will replace it with a different commercial."

What kind of nonsense is this?  The Cruz people "obviously" wouldn't hire someone who's been in porn?  Why not choose the best person who auditions? It makes me wonder how much Cruz believes in the free market.

I know Cruz is fighting hard for the evangelical vote, but does this move demonstrate Christian values?  Seems like the woman is trying to better her self.  (Or at least Ted Cruz people should think that--I have friends who think porn is a higher calling than a Ted Cruz ad.)  You want to shove her back down and never forgive her, rather than rejoice in someone you believe is fallen who's now finding a better way to make a living?

Strange.  (And I don't believe this is a publicity stunt to draw attention to the ad, though that has been the effect of it all.)


Blogger ColumbusGuy said...

Interesting. This is the first time I've ever heard you say elections are about choosing someone to minister to us. And doubtless he has forgiven her.

It also might be the first time I've seen you lose track of the idea that politicians are appealing to voters. Or is it that you believe he's making the wrong calculus, that the way to appeal to voters is to hire porn stars?

If he's going to go that route, he's freakin' Ted Cruz. He'd go hard core.

3:36 AM, February 15, 2016  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He's taking the Palin/Trump route of going beyond satire

6:29 AM, February 15, 2016  
Blogger LAGuy said...

The way to appeal to voters is to show some mercy to someone whom you've already hired and has done a good job and whom you'd be perfectly pleased with if it weren't for some questionable thing they did in their past. I wouldn't even call it mercy--just don't go out of your way to, in effect, fire them after the fact and destroy every trace of what they did.

Or is Ted Cruz's message "If I'm President, I'll make the economy work again--except for people I morally disapprove of. Even if they make a legitimate buck in a legitimate business, I will go out of my way to make them fail."

11:23 AM, February 15, 2016  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't like Ted but I don't see where he is trying to make the actress fail. Because of an unknown fact recently discovered , his gaudy religiosity has been paired with softcore porn which at a minimum is distracting, he just needs to put this behind him and pretend it didn't happen.

Although it is fun to watch him squirm

11:36 AM, February 15, 2016  
Blogger LAGuy said...

I don't usually talk about Christian ethics, but I thought the New Testament was pretty clear that we should celebrate someone returning to the flock even more than people who are already good continuing to be good.

11:43 AM, February 15, 2016  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What does Ted Cruz have to do with Christian ethics. He's a politician for chrissakes

7:54 AM, February 16, 2016  

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