Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Who doesn't love Mia?

I'm afraid Mia Love is committing the Valedictorian's Error here, more or less calling for World Peace.

That's probably understandable, if a touch disappointing.

What I don't get is Professor Reynolds. He ought to know better. Ohio has a "one subject rule," and it's essentially useless. Even assuming you could get courts to enforce it, it's quite problematic. Try asking yourself what any news story is about, and if you're halfway honest with yourself it's about many things. The problem is probably worse with most bills.

Could courts come up with an enforceable judicial doctrine? Possibly. But they are a long way from doing so. You'd be better off seeking equal protection as applied to the tax code, or even just GASB accounting standards.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A fair amount of secrecy, horsetrading, misdirection and outright impropriety and prevarication is necessary for functioning polis. Otherwise, you just have true believers droning on while the meter runs. Single subject sounds reasonable but like "no earmarks" takes away a tool to force consensus. Of course if your aim is to shut things down until they break, its a fine tool

9:43 AM, February 02, 2016  

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