Sunday, April 10, 2016

A Little More About You

I'm reading Burt Reynolds' memoir But Enough About Me.  Perhaps I'll discuss it later, but there's something about the book that bothers me right now.

This may seem silly, or simply a style choice, but there's something in particular I don't like about the layout.  The top of each page on the left says "Burt Reynolds." No need for his name.  I know what I'm reading.  If you have to put something there put the title of the book.

So guess what's on the top of each page on the right?  The title, But Enough About Me. That's the part that really bothers me.  Once again, I know what I'm reading.  If you're going to put anything on the upper right, give me the title of the chapter--that's useful information, and certainly makes it easier if I'm thumbing through, looking for something.  The book, after all, has gone to the trouble of naming each chapter, so let us know where we are.

I will give it points for one thing--there's an index.  Too many books these days don't have them.  Sometimes you want to look something in particular up and there's no replacement.  (Or does everyone have a Kindle now, and can search for words?)


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