Friday, July 08, 2016

Are You Positive?

Since James Comey gave his speech about Hillary Clinton's emails, Donald Trump has been hitting her over and over about her dishonesty and the damage she's done.  Meanwhile, Hillary has been attacking Trump for his "fraudulent business history" among other things.

Sounds like politics as usual.  After all, is there anything more effective than negative campaigning?  No matter how much people complain about it, it works year after year.

But I wonder if it will work this year.  The idea is to drive your opponent's image down, but do either need to do this?  They are already the two least-liked major-party candidates ever.  How much more can they drop?

Perhaps instead, they should concentrate on the positive.  Prove to the electorate they're highly competent, can be trusted and will fix the nation's problems. (Perhaps not true, but that's neither here nor there.)

Their opponent is awful?  So what?  They should both just shut up about it, and let the natural revulsion the public feels grow on its own.

Do either of them have it in them? My guess is no.  (At least Hillary's ahead.  If things stay the same, she wins.  I wonder if Donald will ever be able to pivot?)


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